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Bad Alexus - Naughty Personal Assistant

Bad Alexus - Naughty Personal Assistant

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You've met the intelligent, voice-activated speaker (shh, don't say her name out loud!), but have you met her not so smart, potty-mouthed cousin?

Meet Alexus! Rude, Angry and downright offensive, this devilish device is sick of your questions. Rumour has it she was dropped in production, losing some screws and cracking her chip... Stylish in design, this hilarious novelty Bluetooth speaker is perfect for pranking your friends and family! Bad Alexus has 1 incredibly mean responses in either a British or American accent to insult you and your friends, such as "I'm not your bloody slave, you know!" and "You can kiss my ass!", meaning you are in for a treat!

Complete with a working Bluetooth speaker, battery powered and chargeable via USB, this is the perfect novelty gift for advanced speaker loving friends.

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