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Human Beer Pong Drinking Game

Human Beer Pong Drinking Game

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Beer pong is an absolute stag do classic. It’s simple, doesn’t require much thought and gets you very drunk, very quickly – perfect! The rules of this game are very similar to regular beer pong, except you’re the mugs.

Just inflate the headpieces, place them on your heads and attempt to catch the inflated ball in your beer hat. If you successfully land the ball in your opponent’s hat, they have to down their drink. Hours of fun to be had, or maybe 20 minutes you will be on your back.

  • Two open headpieces, red and blue
  • One inflatable ball
  • Hats approx. 24cm

Please Drink Responsibly
The goal of any drinking game should always be to have fun, not intoxication. To ensure you and your guests are only consuming in a responsible manner, we suggest limiting the number of rules, and regulating the amount of drinks taken per turn. For a great night, drink responsibly, not excessively.

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