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Tatty Teddy in Bunny Rabbit Dress Up Outfit

Tatty Teddy in Bunny Rabbit Dress Up Outfit

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Underneath the long fluffy ears and little pink nose is the iconic Tatty Teddy all dressed up ready to play and have some fun. This lovely bear sits at 19cm high, a huggable size to keep on a bed, sofa, chest of drawers or bedside table to remind someone you love that you're thinking of them. Comes in a gift box finished with hand-drawn illustrations and silver foil highlights, this present is perfect for Easter, spring time or to welcome a newborn in the nursery room.

  • Unique and instantly recognisable with grey fur, a cute blue nose and patches.
  • Tatty Teddy has captured millions of hearts all over the world with a timeless message of love, happiness and friendship.

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